Brian Erly, MD MPH

Brian Erly, MD MPH, is a physician at the California Department of Public Health, where he works at the Center for Infectious Diseases as a Science Officer. He supports CID’s scientific initiatives to inform policy and evidence based decision making by liasing between internal SME and leadership. Dr. Erly also serves as a dedicated resource to cultivate critical partnerships with other health agencies, universities, and external partners to enhance generation of knowledge, access to data, and utilization of and translation of data and evidence into policy, strategies, and operations, and communications.

You can learn more about Dr. Erly’s experience by accessing his CV in the menu bar or by interacting with the visualization below.

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# Load packages

# Read in data, specify column types
Network_Data <- read_csv("data/Network_Data.csv",
                         col_types = "cicflilc"
) %>%
  mutate(Date = mdy(Date))

### Principal Components analysis
# See

# Perform principal components analsis (for 3d graphing)
pca <- Network_Data  %>%
  select(-Title, - Link, -Date) %>%
  ) %>%
  prcomp(scale = TRUE)

# Extract principal components
pca_x <- pca$x %>%
  data.frame() %>%

# Add in PCA output to graph
Network_Data_Plot <- Network_Data %>%
   mutate(PCA1 = pca_x$PCA1,
          PCA2 = pca_x$PCA2

### Generate plotly visualization

fig <- plotly::plot_ly(Network_Data_Plot,
                x = ~PCA1,
                y = ~PCA2,
                z = ~Date,
                marker = list(sizeref=.1, sizemode="area",
                              opacity = 0.8) ) %>%
  plotly::add_markers(color = ~Category,
                customdata = ~Link,
                text = ~Title,
                size = ~Importance,
                hoverinfo = "text")%>% 
  plotly::config(displayModeBar = FALSE)

# Make points clikcable (if links available)
# See

figgy <- htmlwidgets::onRender(fig, "
     function(el, x) {
     el.on('plotly_click', function(d) {
     var Link = d.points[0].customdata;

# Display graph output

Click on the graph to view additional documents and resources.

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